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About Trade Adda

Chairman of Trade Adda

Our journey of life is very fascinating, motivational and inspiring for new investors and also to those who have lost their money while trading in stock market. As of born and brought up in middle class family being common man with uncommon and innovative thinking. We are a total pack of successes & failures, joys and sorrows, ups and downs in life while trading in stock market. This experience gave an opportunity to us to become full time investor overcoming obstacles being foolish retail investors.

We have passion to get to know right moves in stock market to become a successful investor.

Stock market been our only source of income for us and our family, at the beginning we gain a huge success at start of career. After that to get more benefit we started to collect funds from clients and trade on their behalf as sub broker/DSA. Everything work well for few months but after that we started to face loss and lost almost 1 crore rupees. By seeing incredible increase of loss of money our steps moved to depression having negative thinking. But enormous confidence and support from family and friends helped to overcome from depression. Also amazing support from our clients made us to have faith on self and capabilities. After that we started to analyse and discover mistakes which led us to huge loss. By knowing obstacles in our success, we discover new facts and investment strategies to create wealth from share market in a proper way. With incredible concepts, here we are introducing you all our POWER KEY, investment concept to avoid risk which is 8% - 90% accurate.

From the bottom of my heart… We thank all our Gurus for always guiding us…


My Perspective

  • We believe in GOD, God was with me in form of Gurus, Friends & clients.
  • We believe in “Giver Gains” principle i.e. SUN doesn’t lose light while lighting the World.
  • ‘Nobody’ can snatch away which is rightfully mine.


“गुरुब्रह्मागुरुविष्णु गुरुदेवोमहेश्वरा गुरुसाक्षात्परमब्रह्मा तस्मैश्रीगुरवेनमः”

An Advisory offering solutions

with a Client centric approach
Every investor invests money with a vision to grow investment. Investment advice always been a best option to overcome risk of uncertainty. So Trade Adda provides best investment solutions with compliance of quality advice and investment strategy. We got best investment packages which ensures benefit returns on investment apart from keeping your investment as it is. Our team continuously have an eye on market conditions to secure your money while curtailing risk. With innovative strategy to double your money in a year keeps our clients to get better standard of living. We being professional entity keeps track of client information so that we can help them in difficult times to overcome problems.


We have a vision of creating our very own trading platform and help people achieve their financial freedom


Our aim is to skip person’s learning curve about trading Indian Share Market
With our expert trading panel, we help people to create a secondary or primary income source.
We are eager to give beautiful life to every common man that they have never been even dream of.

We are committed for:

  • Integrity and transparency in all transactions
  • We make profit on both sides of market even when market goes up and goes down
  • System to avoid risk from investment
  • 80%-90% accurate system


We focus on provide long term value benefit to client while maintaining the highest standards of excellence, ethics and professionalism; and that defines us Client Centric Organisation.


Our experience combined with your association helps to identify opportunities. We focus on making better deal of investment so that you be tension free.


Striving of our team preserves offer solutions to clients in varied forms to direct client goals. Gives lot of investment options to increase client wealth


We ensure the graph of increased investment shows double of returns on total investment.

The ingredient
of successful trading

Trader must have to develop these three skills to achieve success in trading
  • Working knowledge of trading platform
  • Proven, tested, highly accurate trading system
  • Psychologically strong
Following points should be keep in mind for successful in trading
  • Grab market opportunity
  • Take hints on eventual outcomes from trading.
  • Be patience
  • Crystal clear working knowledge of trading
  • Move from fear to strength
  • Disciplined, focused and relaxed state of mind

We help you to unlock & unleash the power
within your large scale Business