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Our experience combined with your association helps to identify opportunities.


Striving of our team preserves offer solutions to clients in varied forms to direct client goals.


We ensure the graph of increased investment shows double of returns on total investment.

An Advisory offering solutions

With Client centric approach
Every investor invests money with a vision to grow investment. Investment advice always been a best option to overcome risk of uncertainty. So Tradeadda provides best investment solutions with compliance of quality advice and investment strategy. We got best investment packages which ensures benefit returns on investment apart from keeping your investment as it is.
Who We Are

& Vision

Our aim is to skip person’s learning curve about trading Indian Share Market. With our expert trading panel, we help people to create a secondary or primary income source. We are eager to give beautiful life to every common man that they have never been even dream of.

Homegrown Technology

New, innovative Power key system to avoid investment risk ensuring 80% - 90% accuracy,
fully analysed, powerpackt approach.
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• Buyer obligated to honour contract.
• Seller has obligation to sell/buy if buyer exercises right.
• Requires higher margin payment than options.
• Preferred by speculators and arbitrageurs
• Unlimited profit, loss potential


• No obligation on buyer to actually buy/sell.
• Seller has obligation to sell/buy if buyer exercises right.
• Requires lower margin than futures
• Preferred by hedger
• Unlimited profit, limited loss potential


Elite Trading System

Automate & Simplified System
We are glad to introduce ourselves as a positional Trading Zero Loss System. In here Trading Account Holder and Trader on behalf of customer agrees to start contract to trade in future and options segment in clients trading account with capital of Rs. 50,000 in trading account. This trading account need to be locked for next 6 months to generate good profit. After 6 months locking period, profit gets shared between us as per plan.
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